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Service Application of the pool coating

There are different types of pool coatings. The choice of materials used for the bottom and inside walls of the pool is important to personalise your pool and make it unique!

Tiling or mosaic work for pools?

Depending on the type of pool, you can choose from a wide range of coatings: silicoroc, mosaic, big tiles, polyester coating…

Pools tiled with glass mosaic 2x2 or enamel mosaic from 2.5x2.5 to 3.6x3.6 with soft edges will create a sophisticated result. This coating is neutral to the pool water and easy to clean.

Another possible coating: silicoroc (washed gravel). This type of coating brings a natural rock effect to your pool. The great pallet of colours offers a choice of subtle water hints.

Paving and pool rims

For the decoration of the area around your pool, paving and rims are used. These can be adapted to a number of geometries, shapes, textures and colours: natural or reassembled stone, stoneware, natural, tropical or composite wood, smooth or textured, straight or round, inside or outside angles…

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